Business Relocations in Wellington

Are you moving your commercial space across Wellington?

Need help with packing and moving all your products, goods and furniture to your new office, restaurant or retail space? The commercial moving team at RelocatioNZ can make your job much easier with our professional services.

Rather than getting all of your employees and staff to help you with the move, our team can do it all for you. Knowing how to pack, where to put products in the back of the van and carrying them to places without any damage can be a challenging task to do for inexperienced movers.

Commercial Moving Services

RelocatioNZ are specialists in commercial moves and shifting large, complex and fragile items from one place to another. Whether you are moving a whole business or just a few things, our team can help you, however big or small your move is. We have worked with specialty businesses, including libraries, warehouses, and schools and ensured that all the valuable artefacts and assets had made it safely to your new location.

When you work together with us, you will:

  • Get your move completed in the agreed timeframe. If you need special times to relocate your business, such as late in the day or on the weekend, we can make that happen for you.
  • Get all the resources, including a professional team and van or truck, to complete the shift.
  • Get a team that understands all your requirements and cares about their customers and their belonging deeply.

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Move Your Commercial Space With RelocatioNZ

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Get in touch with our experienced group of professionals today to start planning your commercial move. We will create an ideal plan that works for you and your business and take the stress of moving locations off you. So don’t hesitate, let us know about your goals, and we will offer you a free quote!